Multi-Dose Pill Packing

Pouch Packaging Available at Daly Drug

Pouch Packing at Daly Drug

Daly Drug now offers pouch packing for your monthly medications!

A pouch contains all of your medications labeled with the date and time you take them. Pill pouches are easy to open for those who may have a hard time pushing medication out of a blister pack.

Your monthly medications will come in a convenient dispensing box allowing you to grab your pouches for the day and go!

For more information on our pouch packing process, call 715-423-3400!

How Does Pouch Packaging Work?

Daly Drug now offers pouch packaging! These pouches are convenient, easy to open, and keep you on track. All of your medications come pre-sorted in packs organized by the date and time you take them. Watch this video to see how simple taking your daily medications can be.

Blister Packing Card

Blister Packing at Daly Drug

You may find that you have been prescribed a number of medications, and that you need to take them at different times of the day. It can be difficult to keep track of what medication you need to take and when.

Good news! We can offer you an easier and safer way to take your medications. You will wonder why you never tried it before.

We offer a multi-dose packaging that bundles your medications together by date and time. For example, all your medications that are to be taken in the morning will be packaged together in a blister card. We can package up to 5 medications per blister card. Say goodbye to pill boxes and all of your pill bottles, and say hello to multi-dose packaging.

Our Blister Packing Service: Single or multi-packs available, provided with the correct dosing for each day to help increase efficiency and decrease medication errors.

Ask any of our staff today about our pill-packaging service and how you can get signed up.